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The Investor Rights Network is a group of highly qualified lawyers dedicated to assisting investors who have been defrauded or otherwise mistreated with respect to their investments. Our attorneys have extensive experience in securities arbitration and litigation, having worked at major law firms around the country and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The law firms in this network are located in Florida, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, and we can provide legal representation throughout the country. Resumes are provided for each office.

The purpose of this site is

  • To provide investors with information to help them determine whether they have been victimized by unscrupulous or negligent providers of financial services and products.
  • To explain the potential recourses investors might have to recover their investment.
  • To offer our services, including a free consultation.
  • To provide investors and potential investors with ways to educate themselves concerning their investment decisions.

Many people who have lost a lot of money in an investment are unsure whether they have been taken advantage of, or they feel embarrassed, or both. They shouldn’t be. Federal officials estimate that investment fraud costs Americans billions of dollars a year. Most people are not investment experts, and why should they be? They work hard at other jobs. They understandably place their trust in investment professionals. An investor who loses money has not always been mistreated. But if you are in doubt, it is important to determine quickly if your legal rights have been violated. We can help you make that determination. Read Do You Have a Claim Regarding Your Investment? or call us for a free consultation at any of our offices.

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