Securities Arbitration

Welcome to Investor Rights Network and our information page regarding securities arbitration. Before entering into securities arbitration due to investment misconduct, we understand there are many decisions you need to make. This page provides information about the securities arbitration process and how Investor Rights Network can help you with this process. For information about Investor Rights Network, please visit our homepage: Investor Rights Network and Securities Arbitration.

Securities Arbitration: The Process

Securities arbitration may be necessary if you believe you are the victim of investment misconduct. To learn more about investment misconduct, before entering into securities arbitration, please follow this link: Investment Fraud Claims.

Arbitration can help you resolve disputes more quickly and cheaply than going to court. Arbitrators take the place of a judge or jury to decide if misconduct took place and how to correct it. Most investment fraud claims are handled through securities arbitration because of the securities arbitration clause that is part of nearly all new account forms.

Almost all securities arbitration hearings are conducted by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The majority of securities arbitration claims are filed with NASD. If you use NASD and your claim is $25,000 or less, you probably won't have to appear in person at a securities arbitration hearing. From the time of filing, the securities arbitration process usually takes six months to a year to complete. For a free consultation about securities arbitration, please contact us using information at the following link: Securities Arbitration Contacts.

Securities Arbitration with IRN

The Investor Rights Network is a group of highly qualified attorneys who have extensive experience in securities arbitration. IRN handles securities arbitration cases throughout the country, including North Carolina securities arbitration and Tennessee securities arbitration. Our securities arbitration lawyers have worked at major law firms nationwide, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission. To find the IRN office nearest you, please follow this link: IRN Offices.

Securities Arbitration: More Information

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