Securities Litigation

Welcome to Investor Rights Network. IRN can provide securities litigation services for investors who need to resolve a securities dispute. This web page provides information about securities litigation and IRN's services in regards to securities litigation. For more information about IRN please follow this link to our homepage: Securities Litigation & Other Services.

Securities Litigation: Fraud Claims

When investors lose money it is almost always due to market fluctuations, but sometimes investors dispute the actions of their brokers or financial planners as fraudulent. If you believe you are a victim of investment misconduct you can file a claim to settle the dispute through securities litigation. However, most investment fraud claims are handled through securities arbitration due to arbitration clauses found in nearly all new account forms filed with brokerage firms. Claims of investment misconduct that do not fall under an arbitration clause can be handled through securities litigation.

Securities Litigation: Investor Options

Along with securities litigation, investors have other options for settling investment misconduct disputes. Similar to a judge and jury in securities litigation, impartial parties known as arbitrators can decide if investment misconduct has occurred. Securities arbitration often allows investors to resolve disputes more quickly and cheaply than by securities litigation. To learn more about the arbitration process, please follow this link: Options to Securities Litigation.

Another option to securities litigation is mediation. Unlike securities litigation, mediation is a voluntary process for the disputing parties where a neutral person, or mediator, helps them reach a settlement.

Securities Litigation: Do You Have a Claim?

Before filing for securities litigation it is important to know if your investment misconduct claim is a valid one. Please review the most common types of investment misconduct, before entering into securities litigation, at this link: Common Investment Fraud Factors.

Securities Litigation: IRN Attorneys

Investor Rights Network can provide securities litigation services throughout the country, including North Carolina securities litigation and Tennessee securities litigation. For securities litigation contact information, please follow this link: Securities Litigation Services.